Am I Destroying My Health If I Only Drink Herbalife Shakes?

If you only drink Herbalife shakes, you may be wondering, “Am I destroying my health?” After all, you only get about 300 calories per serving. So if you are consuming more than that, you’re not doing your body any favors. In fact, many of the vitamin drinks on the market contain only half-true and unprovable claims.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, fad dieting isn’t a solution to health problems. While losing weight and keeping it off requires discipline, the metabolic consequences of crash diets are “awful.” In such cases, you may seek the advice of a registered dietitian, who can provide nutritional guidance and restore natural processes. However, don’t believe all claims about the nutritional value of Herbalife shakes. These beverages are loaded with caffeine and may harm your liver and immune system.

The company pays celebrities, doctors and athletes to promote their products. Michael Jordan endorsed Herbalife and was paid millions to promote it. But all of these celebrities are paid to say Herbalife works. But Herbalife shakes don’t give you the results you expect. You still need to eat healthy and exercise to get the results you desire So, if you’re thinking about joining Herbalife, think twice.

You should not drink Herbalife shakes as your primary meal. They only cover 1/3 of the nutritional needs. If you’re going to make them part of your regular diet, make sure you consume them right. You can buy Herbalife shakes from an independent distributor or wellness coach to help you get the best results. You can also include Herbalife shakes in your daily routine if you want to lose weight naturally.

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