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If you are looking for a diamond ring but don’t want to spend a fortune, lab-grown diamonds may be the perfect solution. There are many advantages to these stones, including traceability, transparency, and affordable prices. Blue Nile has been in business for 20 years, and its partnership with Lightbox in 2020 has allowed it to perfect its business model. It offers high-quality stones at affordable prices, and is popular among royals including the Duchess of Sussex.

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Blue Nile

If you want a beautiful engagement ring, a lab-grown diamond is the way to go. Blue Nile offers lab-grown diamonds at competitive prices. Its Lightbox collection features near colorless diamonds and stones with beautiful color tones. These diamonds all have VS clarity and Very Good cut grades. Despite the fact that these diamonds are not as valuable as natural diamonds, they can be a nice alternative.

The Lightbox collection at Blue Nile offers a selection of fine jewelry, with prices starting at just $600. It features both diamonds and 14k gold. In nature, diamonds are nearly colorless, but in the lab, they can have a variety of colors, including pink and blue. The rarer the color, the more expensive it is. The Lightbox collection features diamonds in traditional white as well as blushing pink and sky blue colors.

Lightbox, a Seattle-based manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds, has partnered with Jewelry e-tailer Blue Nile for a new jewelry collection. This collaboration marks a first for the two companies. Both companies are growing their manufacturing facilities and have expanded their distribution network. The new partnership will create more opportunities for Blue Nile to sell its lab-grown diamonds to consumers.


When comparing the quality of Ritani lab diamonds, it’s vital to pay attention to the details. The company offers HD images to help you determine whether a diamond is genuine or not. This feature is limited to specific diamonds, however, so make sure to check out their entire catalog before making a Best lab diamonds purchase. Moreover, each diamond comes with a grading report, which you can download from the Ritani website. This report is more thorough than other lab-grown sellers’ reports and is produced by the renowned IGI.

The company also offers trade-in programs for their customers who wish to trade in their current natural diamonds for an upgraded stone. Some customers even opt to turn the original stone into a pendant, while others trade in the natural stone for a Ritani lab diamond. However, these customers are not usually looking for a larger stone, but rather for a high-quality lab diamond.

The company also offers free returns and exchanges for all diamonds under its guarantee. The customer care team at Ritani will guide you through the return process, and will even arrange to pick up the items from you at a FedEx office. You can also choose overnight or fully insured shipping for your returned items. The company strives to offer a positive experience from start to finish, and this is evident in the way it handles customer care.

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart is a UK-based jeweler specializing in lab grown diamonds. The company offers a large selection of diamonds and can help you design a ring that suits your budget. Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or a timeless wedding band, the lab-grown diamonds that are used in their collections are ethically sourced and cost-effective. To make choosing the right diamond even easier, the company offers personal design consultants and stress-free ring-buying experiences.

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds, you should know that the process is slightly different from natural diamond growing. You’ll want to check the diamond’s certificate with an independent lab. In addition to GIA certification, you’ll also find Taylor & Hart lab diamonds come with IGI certificates. This organization is a rival to GIA and has become a trusted source for lab-grown diamonds.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful engagement ring or an ethical wedding band, Taylor & Hart has the perfect choice for you. Its customizable online shop offers bespoke services to meet your specific lab grown diamonds requirements. Their custom-designed rings are made from conflict-free natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and ethically sourced gemstones. They also use recycled gold and platinum. Their custom-made rings come with lifetime warranties and free aftercare services.

James Allen

James Allen sells lab-grown diamonds that are more affordable than natural diamonds. The diamonds are colorless and come in a variety of sizes. They are also available in a variety of shapes, including cushion, round, marquise, and oval. James Allen’s diamonds can be purchased online or in person.

James Allen offers more than five thousand lab-created diamonds at prices that are 30 percent less expensive than earth-created diamonds. The majority of diamonds on sale at James Allen are traditional rounds, although the store also offers fancy diamonds. If you’re looking to purchase a diamond ring, the store even has a virtual service to help you pick the perfect stone.


James Allen has an extensive online store with a wide selection of diamonds and engagement rings. The website is easy to use and features helpful information on each diamond. The site also has a 360-degree magnification feature. You can also contact the customer service team with any questions you have. Another perk is a no-questions-asked return policy. In addition, James Allen offers a lifetime warranty buxic.

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