Blood Diamond – Danny Archer, Solomon Vandy, and Maddy Bowen

Blood diamond is a story about a journalist, a diamond smuggler, and a family of slaves. DiCaprio and Hounsou play the protagonists of this movie, who must work together in order to save their family and friends from slavery. The movie’s title, however, is not the only fascinating thing about this movie. Its characters are also compelling, with a story that will leave you wanting more.

19 blood diamonds

In 2008, Zimbabwe saw widespread violence in the run-up to elections. The government, in response, began putting up army and militia camps. Meanwhile, Mugabe has called for elections in 2012 to break his coalition with Morgan Tsvangirai. The violence has not stopped, however. Global Witness, a human-rights organization, has called for Zimbabwe to be suspended from the Kimberley Process, citing the country’s impunity, violence, and use of blood diamonds in international trade.

A UN definition of blood diamond says that they are gemstones used to fund armed rebellions in conflict-ridden nations. However, in many places, blood diamonds are mined legally by governments with little or no governmental control. These governments also exploit their workforce and deny them basic human rights. This has prompted calls to redefine the term blood diamonds.

Danny Archer

The setting is Africa, and the plot of Danny Archer, 17 Blood Diamond is set in Africa. Danny, a white man, has ancestors from the continent, but his presence complicates his relationship with it. His ancestors lived there, and the white people have enjoyed many privileges.

However, Danny is not without a soft spot. He meets Maddy Bowen, an American reporter who questions his moral compass. She is drawn to him and helps him reunite Solomon with his family. He has a son who has been kidnapped by rebels and is being reprogrammed. His son is especially prone to outbursts, and Danny’s mission is to help him.

Solomon Vandy

Blood Diamond is a film about a man and his quest to find a rare pink diamond. It is set in Sierra Leone during the 1990s. In the film, Danny Archer, a former mercenary from Zimbabwe, teams up with a Mende fisherman named Solomon Vandy to recover a valuable diamond. Though the two men have wildly different backgrounds, they find themselves thrown together in a mission to recover the diamond, which could transform their lives. In addition to the main characters, the movie also follows a veteran journalist, Maddy Bowen, as she investigates the conflict in the country of Sierra Leone.

Solomon Vandy is a Mende fisherman who gets kidnapped by rebels and forced to work in a diamond mine. While in captivity, he discovers a huge pink diamond that he tries to hide from the rebel commandant. The government forces capture Vandy and capture him, but the rebel commandant is wounded and tells other prisoners about the diamond. Luckily, mercenary Danny Archer rescues Solomon and frees him, but only after he realizes the truth about the diamond. The mercenary then offers to exchange the diamond for the missing members of Vandy’s family.

Maddy Bowen

Maddy Bowen, a 17-year-old American journalist, is recently arrived in Sierra Leone to conduct research on the illegal diamond trade. When she meets Danny, a charismatic warlord, she is drawn to him. Danny is looking for an emblematic blood diamond that Solomon buried to reunite his family. Danny is able to provide evidence linking countries involved in the illicit diamond business.

Archer tracks down Maddy Bowen, an American journalist who has been researching blood diamonds. She promises to provide information on the world’s leading diamond corporation, and Archer is determined to help her. But Archer and Maddy aren’t exactly the right team for this assignment.

Paul Shaffer

Shaffer is a songwriter who has written songs for many artists and groups over the past three decades. His new album, 17 blood diamond, was released on March 17, 2017 and features an eclectic cast of guest vocalists. The album includes performances by Bill Murray, Darius Rucker, Jenny Lewis, Valerie Simpson, and more.


In addition to his work as a songwriter and bandleader, Shaffer has performed on late night TV shows for three decades. He led the NBC band, “The World’s Most Dangerous Band,” for 33 years, and has appeared as the musical director on Late Night With David Letterman. His music was also featured in a Netflix holiday special, “A Very Murray Christmas”.

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