Empire Free Spins on King Kong Slot

The kingkong slotxo Joker is a touchscreen game that utilizes the touchscreen to guide you through the game. The large menus are easy to navigate and spaced well to make them easy to view. There is no back icon, so you must use the B button to leave a menu. The Joker uses a stylus for menu controls and the D-pad to move the Joker around the game board. The game is not recommended for players who have difficulty using a touch screen device.

Empire Free Spins

The Empire Free Spins on kingkongxo slot is a unique feature that has you catapulted up to the top of the Empire State building. In this bonus round, you can collect golden money symbols and unlock bonus modifiers that increase your winnings. There are also re-spins where you can get the same bonus feature again. However, this time, you must make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the other features on the game, including the Wild symbols.

To unlock the bonus ladder, you must land three or more Kong scatters. You will then get to choose one of five ladders. These include Barrel Blast, King Kong  สล็อต xo Trail, and Empire Free Spins. Each of these ladders has a different bonus feature and you can earn up to x1000 of your stake in a single bonus round. You can also retrigger the Bonus Wheel during the game to earn more free spins.

Easy to navigate

The touchscreen in the Joker is well-spaced and easy to use. One complaint is that the game’s menus don’t have a back icon. Instead, you’ll have to use the B button to exit the menu. This can be frustrating for some players, but Joker’s design compromises this flaw. Instead of using the D-pad to move, players can use the stylus to navigate the menus.

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