Ethical Diamonds for Millennials

Today, ethical diamonds are being scrutinized just like any other product, and that’s especially true among millennials. Two years ago, Anand was looking for an engagement ring and found the process to be time-consuming and expensive. He realized that there was a better way: data-driven tools that could help him pick the perfect diamond.

Do Amore

Do Amore’s collection of diamond rings has been designed with social responsibility in mind. Each diamond is ethically mined and sourced and the precious metals used in the rings are recycled. Even the boxes are made from sustainable Jarrah wood. Each diamond ring is packaged and sold in an environmentally-friendly box. As a result, Do Amore is committed to keeping the earth healthy.

In addition to using Ethical Diamonds, Do Amore is committed to providing clean water for communities in need. This is a small gesture but it has a huge impact. Children and women spend a lot of time walking to find safe water, taking away from their time at school or working. Do Amore understands that even small steps can have a profound effect.

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart is an ethical diamonds company based in the U.K. They strive to make ethical sourcing as transparent as possible. The company sources diamonds from Kimberley Process countries and offers diamonds that have been certified by Canadamark. This helps ensure that conflict diamonds are not traded. Additionally, the company offers custom diamond engagement rings. In addition, their selection includes lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones.

For people concerned about the diamonds they buy, Taylor & Hart offers an ethical diamond ring. Their diamonds are mined in Canada and receive additional certifications, such as a diamond time-lapse. The company also offers CanadaMark diamonds, which are fully traceable. In addition, their diamonds come with a lifetime warranty. They also offer free resizing and annual aftercare. And because of their commitment to sustainability, they also make their ring bands out of recycled metals.


The Brooklyn-based ethical diamond jewelry company Catbird offers an extensive line of conflict-free and recycled diamonds set in stunning settings that have minimal impact on the environment. Their sustainable jewelry includes everything from unique engagement and wedding rings to everyday pieces. The company also has a mission to break the cycle of poverty by investing in women to provide a better future for their families.

The company sources conflict-free diamonds from certified suppliers and takes the responsibility of ensuring their customers get conflict-free diamonds. In addition, they consider working conditions at cutting facilities. Some of their diamonds are also lab-grown, which is a more ethical alternative to mined diamonds.

With Clarity

If you’re looking to buy a beautiful diamond but are unsure about which one is the best choice for you, we’ve got you covered. With Clarity guarantees that diamonds it sells are produced within the strict ethical standards of the Kimberley Process. It also works directly with diamond manufacturers to ensure that these diamonds are produced according to the highest ethical standards.

With the rise of consumer consciousness, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with where their goods are mined. They want to know that workers are treated fairly and that the goods they buy are produced with the least impact on the environment. And while this has affected other industries, diamonds are no exception. After all, diamonds are the most expensive and meaningful purchases that most people make, so making sure they come from ethical sources is important.

With Diamonds

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones. In addition to their beauty, diamonds have many important industrial uses. They are the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world. Because of their high density, diamonds are extremely dense and are used to create pyrotechnic compositions. Diamonds display “adamantine” luster, a characteristic of diamonds.

Fluorescence is a form of light emission that occurs in many diamonds when they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This radiation is invisible to the human eye. Fluorescence can be blue, white, or a variety of other colors. Fluorescence may mask the natural yellow or orange color of a diamond, making it appear colorless in the sunlight.

With the Kimberley Process

When it comes to buying diamonds, you want to be sure they are ethically mined. This is where the Kimberley Process Certification scheme comes in. It’s a process that was developed to identify conflict diamonds and blood diamonds. The conflict diamond trade has led to violence and destruction. The Kimberley Process Certification scheme prohibits conflict diamonds from entering the mainstream diamond market.


The Kimberley Process is an international agreement. Members of the Kimberley Process agree to meet twice a year to monitor compliance. The process is based on a consensus-based system, meaning any decision must be unanimous among 80 countries. Although Russia is a member country, its influence in neighboring countries such as the Central African Republic and Mali has fueled tensions within the organization.

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