How Do You Get a Real Estate License Online?

There are several ways to obtain your real estate license online. These may differ by state and you should seek legal advice before you start. The first step is to register online. You must be over 18 years of age and a citizen of the U.S. The next step is to pass the real estate exam. You will need to pass the test with at least 75 points. Once you’ve completed all of the educational requirements, you can then apply to a broker to activate your license.

You can take courses through online schools. These courses are accredited by the Secretary of State, which makes them a convenient choice. Online courses can help you burn through the 75 hours of education requirement in the shortest time possible. Taking real estate courses in person usually requires a longer period of time, as you must attend a set schedule of classes. Online courses usually have up to 20 sessions. However, you may be eligible for scholarships.

If you want to take online courses, you can go to CE Shop. This company offers real estate licensing coursework, continuing education courses, and exams. You can select the one that best meets your needs. The CE Shop’s instructors are seasoned industry veterans who are experienced in real estate. The CE Shop has multi-state packages to make it easier to choose the best course for you. They also offer customized packages if you have specific state requirements.

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