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How should you start treating acne by yourself?

The first step before starting acne treatment or taking care of acne-prone skin is an assessment of the severity of acne and the preliminary facial skin condition. In order to know what skin problems are facing that should be taken care of appropriately. The severity of acne can be divided into the following levels:

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– Acne is less severe is acne without inflammation Or inflamed acne up to 10 points on the face with this level of severity can treat acne on its own. by choosing a facial cleansing product Skincare suitable for acne prone skin. Contains a mixture of important substances that help reduce acne. It also has a light creamy texture. does not leave any oily residue

– Moderate acne is acne that begins to have inflammation. A raised red blister can feel the hard pimple head or small white pimples Repeatedly in the same position. In which to treat acne at this level, you should choose an acne cream that contains important substances to help reduce inflammation. Reduce clogging of the acne head. It has a light creamy texture that can control it.

– Acne is very severe. It is a pimple that looks red, swollen, purulent, or spread over a large area. Treatment of acne at this level may require a consultation with a specialist. or a dermatologist since the beginning of acne To get advice on how to treat acne appropriately. Because in some cases, oral medications may be used to treat them as well.

However, how to treat acne Or some acne medications have the side effect of causing dry skin and peeling, so they are recommended to be used in combination with moisturizing skin care products. or moisturizer for skin that wants to reduce acne, especially It will increase the efficiency of acne care. Reduce skin irritation and dryness that can be a side effect of acne medication.

Facial Acne Care for Moderate to Severe Acne

After assessing the severity of acne and understanding the initial acne treatment Facial skin care procedures for acne prone skin or a face with acne, what is good to use must pay equal attention By taking care of the face and choosing products that are suitable for acne-prone skin as follows:

  1. Keep your face clean. The first step in cleansing is to choose a cleanser especially for acne prone skin. and helps to clean deeply To reduce the problem of clogging in the pores that cause acne. But for anyone with severe acne problems. It is recommended to choose a cleaning product that has a gel-like texture. Because it is gentle and does not dry out acne-prone skin. Or easily irritated Pro ACNE SOLUTION CLEANSING GEL Cleansing gel for people with acne. help maintain cleanliness, reduce excess oil Without making the skin dry and tight and does not cause clogging. Free from soap and perfume, sensitive skin prone to acne can be used.
  2. Use acne medication, choosing acne medication or acne medication should be selected according to the severity and type of acne that is usually the treatment of moderate to severe acne. It usually starts with a topical acne medication like benzoyl peroxide to treat acne breakouts. Because it will help reduce clogging and dissolve pimples with Retinoid to treat clogged acne and inflammatory acne. to accelerate cell turnover and anti-inflammatory Helps to heal acne skin faster In addition, in the case of chronic severe acne It is advisable to consult a medical professional for further acne treatment.
  3. Nourish with facial cream. To take care of acne problems with acne medication. There are often side effects like dry skin. sensitive and easily irritated Therefore, use a facial cream to help restore the skin’s protective barrier. Always take care of moisture and reduce irritation along with it. It will make your face stronger and reduce the chance of skin problems. UltraSENSITIVE Repair Cream, a nourishing cream for sensitive skin. that in addition to having a moisturizing agent But unlike other nourishing creams that help restore the skin’s protective barrier, look healthy. Take care of dry, irritated skin problems. with a concentrated nourishing formula but light and comfortable on the skin It is not greasy and does not clog the skin. Improve sensitive skin from acne treatment.
  4. Always protect your skin from the sun. And lastly, protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun by always applying sun protection products. This is because some acne medications can cause sensitive skin. and is sensitive to light Therefore, sunscreen should be used daily to reduce inflammation and redness in the future. SUN DRY TOUCH OIL CONTROL FACE SPF50+ PA+++ is an oil-control sunblock for acne-prone, sensitive, sun-sensitive skin that protects the skin from UVA rays/. UVB1 and blue light with technology that helps control oil for up to 8 hours, thereby reducing the cause of acne and acne scars effectively

Although there is no cure for acne that can cure acne problems completely. But to treat acne by using the right acne products, hooves the severity. Together with taking care of yourself and facial skin properly It is considered as another effective acne treatment method, helping to reduce acne and prevent acne breakouts. Effectively treat acne scars and acne scars.

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