How to Choose a Painting Topic

One way to find a good painting topic is to consider a series. It may be a cow carcass lying on long grass, or an abandoned car on a verge. Painting a series is a great way to find a theme and a sense of order to your painting. It can also inspire you to try out a new format for your work. Instead of choosing landscape or interiors as your subject matter, try an unusual format or a primed paper.

Before choosing a painting subject, consider the level of difficulty. It should be difficult enough to challenge you while keeping in mind your own level of skills. For example, if you’re a beginner, choosing a complex subject could take a lot longer to complete. On the other hand, an advanced painting student should choose a subject that’s challenging but not impossible for them to complete. While choosing a subject, always take the level of skill of your intended audience into consideration. After all, a subject that’s too easy for you might end up looking terrible in the end.

A subject should inspire you in some way. Think about what you like about it. What draws you to it? How can you make it a focal point? This will determine your artistic decisions throughout the painting process. Modern applications can help you isolate the subject and determine its format and composition. You can also use items from your kitchen, such as colourful mugs, or a colorful stock card. You can then use those to frame your subject in a way that will complement your painting’s subject.

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