Is Moissanite As Good As a Diamond?

Moissanite is an organic gemstone discovered by French scientist Henri Moissan in a meteor crater in Arizona over a century ago.

Moissanite, unlike diamonds, is an incredibly rare gemstone. Most of the diamond vs moissanites used in jewelry today has been created through laboratory manipulation.

1. it’s indistinguishable from a diamond

Moissanite is a man-made gemstone that closely resembles diamonds in appearance and cost. As it costs less than diamonds, this gem may appeal to consumers on a budget.

The primary distinction between Moissanite vs diamond lies in their refraction patterns. Diamonds are predominantly refractive, while moissanite has double refractive properties which give off greater brilliance and reflection.

Diamonds reflect white light and a rainbow of colors through their surface, while moissanite focuses light through one point. This allows the gem to be cut into an exquisite shape for incredible sparkle.

Moissanites differ from diamonds in that they can show a yellow, green, or gray tint depending on the lighting conditions. This hue may be hard to detect unless you know what you’re looking for.

Additionally, moissanites are lab-created, meaning they’re always “eye clean” and free from imperfections like mined diamonds sometimes do. This makes it a huge advantage for people who value flawless stones over those with imperfections; moissanites make obtaining an absolutely flawless stone easier.

2. It’s more affordable

Moissanite is typically more cost-effective than diamonds, making it an attractive option for those seeking to save money. A one-carat diamond with good cut, color and clarity can cost upwards of $600 while a comparable size moissanite typically sells for under $4,000.

Another major advantage of moissanite is its eco-friendliness. Since no mining is required, there’s no environmental damage or exploitation of laborers.

Diamonds are more costly than sapphires, making sapphire a popular alternative for those wanting to avoid conflict diamonds or unsustainable mining practices.

Multi-colored fire is another feature that many find appealing, though some may find it repulsive. Therefore, be sure to consider your personal preferences before purchasing anything.

3. It’s more durable

When diamonds are struck against something hard, their crystal growth can be sheared off in one direction (known as “cleaving”). Moissanite, on the other hand, has less of a tendency for this and thus is more durable.

One major distinction between moissanite and diamond is its eye-clean appearance – no visible inclusions. Furthermore, moissanite has a higher refractive index, meaning it bends light more efficiently than diamond does, giving off extra fire and brilliance.

This has made it a popular diamond alternative, especially among those seeking to avoid mined diamonds that come from poorer countries where workers make little or no money.

Being a lab-grown gemstone, moissanite also costs less to manufacture jewelry, allowing jewelers to sell it at lower prices than they might for diamonds. This leads to more competitive pricing on the retail market and, ultimately, lower costs for all consumers.

4. Its more eco-friendly

Moissanite is an eco-friendly alternative to diamonds that requires no mining – an important consideration considering diamond mining has a major effect on the environment.

Extraction of natural diamonds necessitates mines around the world, which can disrupt nearby wildlife and freshwater sources. On the other hand, lab-created diamonds and moissanites are produced in controlled settings with minimal environmental impact.

Diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced, with no mining or conflict-related issues involved. You can trust the origin of your diamond.


Furthermore, sapphires are harder than diamonds on the Mohs scale with a rating of 9.25-9.5, making them an excellent option for those who want the look of a diamond without paying the hefty price tag!

Moissanite is a crystal clear and colorless stone. Unlike cubic zirconia, which may become cloudy with age due to dust or dirt exposure does not have this issue.

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