Lab Grown Diamonds Brisbane – An Alternative to Natural Diamonds

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking to maximise your diamond size, lab grown diamonds Brisbane are a great alternative. They’re visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds, and can be up to 30% cheaper.

They’re also environmentally friendly and 100% conflict free – and are a much more ethical choice than mined diamonds.

1. They are visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds

Traditionally, diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s crust under high heat and pressure. This process took billions of years, but a new method of forming diamonds in a lab can be done much more quickly.

During this process, carbon is rearranged to form the crystal diamond that you see in jewellery. The result is a perfect replica, visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds.

When compared to natural diamonds, Lab grown diamonds Brisbane are up to 30% cheaper. The price reduction is due to the fact that they aren’t controlled by the same supply chains as natural diamonds, so importing costs can be cut down significantly.

In addition to being up to 30% cheaper than natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also ethical and conflict free. This is important to modern consumers who are increasingly concerned with how their jewellery is sourced, as well as the impact on the planet.

2. They are up to 30% cheaper than natural diamonds

Lab grown diamonds Brisbane are up to 30% cheaper than natural diamonds, which makes them a great choice for couples on a budget. These diamonds are also environmentally friendly, as they don’t require mining.

They are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, so they look and feel the same, but without the negative environmental and ethical impacts. They are 100% conflict free, and are a popular alternative to mined diamonds with millennials.

While lab diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds, they can still be quite expensive if you are looking to buy a large, high-quality stone. Moreover, they don’t hold their value very well over time.

There are many nascent lab growers who take shortcuts in the growing process with irradiation and poor cutting methods to reduce production costs, which leads to low quality diamonds. These are often sold on budget ecommerce sites or on wholesalers.

3. They are environmentally friendly

The mined diamond industry has a reputation for being harmful to the environment. It uses fossil fuels and electricity to extract diamonds from the earth, causing air pollution and contaminating water sources with acid mine drainage.

Thankfully, lab grown diamonds do not use these dangerous resources. Instead, they are made using carbon that has been converted into diamond crystals in a laboratory.

They are also produced without dynamite, which means they do not have the same impact on the environment as mined diamonds.

When purchasing a lab-grown diamond, you should look for a source that is committed to using renewable energy. This will help to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and the environment in general.

The carbon footprint of lab-grown diamonds is much less than that of mined ones, according to a report by Trucost. However, many manufacturers still rely on fossil fuels to power their factories. That’s why it’s important to choose a jeweler that has invested in sustainable practices.

4. They are 100% conflict free

A lot of consumers are now turning to man made diamonds because they are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. You can find lab grown diamonds Brisbane in the form of earrings, rings and pendants, making them a great alternative to traditional mined diamonds.

They are visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds. They can be cut into any shape and come in a range of colours.

Despite these benefits, it’s important to remember that not all man made diamonds are created equal. You should always shop around and choose a reputable company that guarantees their lab diamonds are 100% conflict urdughr free.

These companies use the Kimberley Process, which involves safeguarding screenings to ensure the diamonds are sourced from countries that do not support conflict. This is especially important when you are buying diamonds to be used as engagement rings.

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