Moving to Texas: Tips and Tricks             

Moving homes is always a difficult and demanding task, but moving to a whole new state opens up a new load of concerns. Global trends show that Texas is a popular destination for many people; professionals who want more employment opportunities, families who want a better lifestyle for their children–in short, moving to Texas is something that any American might consider at some point. The population of Texas is growing every year, with half of the growth being that of migrants. Leander is now the fourth fastest growing city in Texas, so consider the great potential here before deciding to move.

However, the act of moving itself requires preparation, packing, and a lot of research on what to expect at your new destination. You may also like to know how to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you’ve made the decision to shift your life to the Lone Star State, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

1. Look Forward to a Scenic Drive

If you have the time and energy, send off any furniture and other large items with the moving company and set off with the family in your own vehicle. Yes, flying there directly will be more convenient, but it would also be expensive. Driving there we’ll get you a road trip that might help in unwinding after a hectic period of packing and preparing.

However, the real reason you may want to drive to Texas is the amazing scenic experience along the way. Whether you’re moving with kids or not, the ecosystems and experiences can be very educational. With so many sights to see, you’ll have a memorable trip and the pictures to show for it.

In case the drive is very long, keep an open mind about the camping options in Big Sur, Kings Canyon, Petrified Forest, and even the Grand Canyon. Also worth seeing are the Marfa Lights, the Guadalupe Mountains (which have the highest peak in the state) and the Big Bend National Park among many others. Reading up on the geographic regions of Texas will help you plan better.

2. Plan the Drive According to Your Starting Point

Here are just a few of the must-see sights relevant to where you’re coming from:

  • When driving from New York to Texas, go for the Skyline Drive. This runs for 105 miles, right along the Blue Ridge Mountains crest. It’s the only public road in the park. This route can also take you to the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Nashville
  • If you’re driving from Florida, you might get to see the Everglades National Park right before the trip. The park has a swamp theme, with possible glimpses of huge alligators or egrets. You can get a boat ride or travel through the waterways on foot. For a more urban experience, New Orleans is also on the way. Make time to visit Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

3. Get A Lot of Snacks

When you’re on a Texan road trip, a convenience store like Buc-ee’s is the largest and most reliable source of snacks. They have gas pumps, tacos, public bathrooms, tacos, and almost everything you could want when on the road. There’s an average of 83 stalls in one location, so you can rely on some stalls being empty no matter what time of the day it is.

Speaking of snacks, make sure to get all the types. Even if you don’t like sweets too much, get some sugary snacks in case your blood sugar starts falling. Salty, savory, sour, and even bitter snacks will help with nausea as well as those untimely hunger pangs. Stick to the major interstate highways, and you’d pass a Buc-ee’s at least a few times. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

4. Never Forget Sunscreen

There are several hiking spots on the way to and within Texas. Whether you go for this activity or are just staying in the car, don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen. If you neglect this step, or if the sunscreen isn’t powerful enough, you’ll be in for a horrible sunburn. To avoid the skin peeling and pain, always remember that Texas has a lot of sunny days. Even if it’s cloudy, some people can still get sunburned due to the blazing sun.

5. Mosquito Repellent is Also Necessary

Mosquito repellent is now a must-have in Texas, so make sure to have some on you at all times. This is an especially necessary precaution in the warmer months.

Texas actually has over 80 types of mosquitoes, with some being very large species. In fact, a lot of things in Texas are larger than in most other parts of America!

6. Get a Fishing Rod

Other than Corpus Christi, Galveston, or Houston, Texans usually have easy access to a lake. With these cooling water bodies nearby, you’ll probably want to spend some time there on a regular basis. The fishing is also great, so bring along your fishing rod and tackle box for a productive time.

7. No Compromise on Air Conditioning

The summer heat in Texas can easily climb upwards of 100 degrees. Along with the heat, you can also expect humid weather in eastern Texas and dryness in western Texas. In both cases, it’s essential to make sure that your air conditioning is working properly at all times. This includes both your car as well as your home. No children or pets should be left alone in a vehicle without the air conditioning on in such weather–preferably, don’t leave them unsupervised at all.

8. Plan for More Furniture

As mentioned before, everything is larger in Taxes. This also goes for housing. You can get a lot more square footage here than in places like New York or Washington DC. If you’re coming from a tiny home, you might have more space for your stuff. In fact, this could be the right time to invest in that dream couch or even a porch swing.

9. Download Entertainment Instead of Steaming

The internet service is unfortunately not as stellar in Texas as it is in the smaller states. The services might be choppier if you’re in rural Texas–that is, if they’re available at all. Whether you plan to settle in a rural area or are traveling a lot within the state, make preparations accordingly.

A lot of people may not rely so much on entertainment while they’re traveling. However, you never know when boredom may hit you. Just in case, make sure to have some interesting podcasts, eBooks, audio books, or even TV episodes and movies downloaded on some devices.

10. Read About the Landmarks

The history of Texas is an exciting one–it’s been a republic, gone through a revolution, and has had at least 6 flags until now. If you want to truly understand and enjoy the historical landmarks of this state, consider reading up on them beforehand.

11. Have Your Own Car

You may rent a vehicle for driving up to Texas, but keep in mind that it’s important to have your own ride in this state. Fortunately, the lower housing prices and lower taxes will help you save up enough to make payments.

Where there’s a vehicle, there has to be a driver’s license. Anyone in the family who doesn’t already have one (and is of age) should make preparations for it right away.

12. Get a Good Pair of Boots

The wildlife in Texas is beautiful and fascinating. However, it can also be quite dangerous, so get a pair of boots for stomping about in tall grass or other world areas. The Western diamondback rattlesnake is a real threat here, but it will be long gone once it hears the sounds of boots approaching.

13. Get Ready for a Lot of Nature

The urban centers in Texas have a lot of space to expand, so they usually grow horizontally rather than vertically. As a result, there’s a lot more nature to enjoy. Texas has a top-rated public and state park system, though it only has two National Parks.

One of the most popular state parks here include the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. There are also campsites for everyone to enjoy, but you do have to make reservations well in advance.

14. Know the Surroundings

Once you arrive at your new home, it’s nice to start getting to know the immediate neighbors right away. Texans are usually a helpful lot, so make the most of their knowledge and guidance.

If you’re having trouble with socializing, look up the Facebook groups for your area. These are valuable sources for getting to know about the nearby events or activities in each city. Try typing in your interests and see what comes up, whether it’s fishing in Dallas or hiking in Austin.


Overall, Texas is one of the best relocation options in the United States today. The economy is flourishing, job opportunities are growing, and the land is comparatively less expensive. If you can stand a bit of heat, this could be the perfect place to settle down.

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