Novita Diamonds Partners With Charity Dress for Success

In November, Novita Diamonds joined forces with Dress for Success to empower women. Together, they’ll provide professional clothing to those in need.

These Novita and dress for success donations will aid women in reaching their objectives and creating a better community for all. Furthermore, they’ll give women the confidence necessary to succeed professionally.

About Novita Diamonds

Novita Diamonds is a pioneering jewellery brand offering the world’s finest and most beautiful lab-created diamonds at an unbeatable price point. Furthermore, they make significant contributions to society through partnerships with charities and involvement in community projects.

Novita charity partnership is dedicated to offering ethically sourced, sustainable and high-quality lab-created diamonds. As a company founded and directed by progressive entrepreneur Iris Arnold, Novita is leading the growing movement that provides an alternative to mined diamonds.

Novita recently opened a fully equipped showroom in Parramatta after receiving feedback from customers who wanted access to lab-grown diamonds without having to travel far into Sydney CBD. This location is perfectly situated to serve the environmentally aware demographic in Parramatta and nearby suburbs who are increasingly opting out of city life by moving closer to the country’s heart.

About Dress for Success

Novita Diamonds has joined forces with Dress for Success, an international not-for-profit organization that provides professional attire to women who need it. Their mission is to empower women and enable them to achieve economic independence.

This group helps women transition from poverty to self-sufficiency by offering them professional clothing, a supportive network and career development tools that enable them to succeed both professionally and personally.

To accomplish this goal, they provide a suite of services including workshops, mentoring programs and career coaching to assist clients in finding employment or maintaining employment. Furthermore, the program encourages women to become leaders and drive social change forward.

Dress for Success in Houston offers a Professional Women’s Group (PWG) to newly hired clients essential tools to create long-term employment sustainability. This includes monthly meetings and free workshops on job retention, health & wellness, financial literacy, and career advancement ailovemusic.

About the Charity

Dress for Success is an esteemed non-profit that offers a range of resources to aid women in their transition into self-sufficiency. This includes professional attire, emotional support and numerous career development resources. Perhaps their most impressive accomplishment is helping thousands of women land their dream jobs and transform their lives for the better.

They’ve earned some well-deserved accolades for their contributions to the local economy of Nashville, Tennessee. Their excellent customer service and attention to detail is a testament to their employees and they deserve all the support possible.

Novita has also collaborated with other non-profits to help the community. Their most recent partnership involves donating the diamond ring of the moon and other resources to Dress for Success, who will use these resources to assist even more women in need find employment opportunities.

About the Collection

Novita Diamonds, the world’s leading seller of lab grown diamonds, has been delighted with the response it has received from UK customers at its London showroom. Six short months after opening its flagship store, Novita’s popularity has skyrocketed due to their mission to offer customers an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.

Due to the increasing awareness of ‘blood diamonds’ and mining’s environmental impact, consumers around the world have been searching for affordable yet environmentally-friendly options to purchase. Novita has become a go-to solution by connecting discerning shoppers worldwide to lab partners and offering lab-created diamonds at fraction of the cost of mined ones.


Novita is proud to support dress for success, a non-profit organization that provides professional attire to women facing obstacles in the workforce. By donating their diamonds, Novita and dress for success are helping women build confidence, build stronger communities and achieve success at work sccbuzz.

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