Potty Training Your Dog? You Need a Screen Magnetic Door

Getting a new dog is one of the many joys in life. A new family member is coming home, and you’re excited to have them live with you.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. And one of those is ensuring your dog is properly potty trained.

Now it can be challenging, especially when they’re in a new environment. Your dog might be comfortable using the bathroom a certain way and doesn’t know they’re supposed to use it outside.

As a result, accidents are bound to happen and will lead to a lot of cleaning and some immense frustration. But you can eliminate that hassle with a screen magnetic door. We’ll outline how it can benefit your dog below.

What’s a Screen Magnetic Door?

Your regular screen door has been through a lot, and if we’re being honest, it no longer looks the best. But not only that, you find yourself cleaning the entryway a lot more because of its lack of effectiveness against outdoor elements.

If you’re looking for a door with a lot to offer, a screen magnetic door is the one for you. It’s made from heavy-duty mesh and polyester designed to keep nature out while providing your home with well-deserved fresh air. As long as you have a sturdy door frame, you can easily add this screen.

How Can My Home Benefit from a Screen Magnetic Door?

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your home, and having this door might be the upgrade you’ve been missing. Here are a few benefits you’ll gain from installing a screen magnetic door.

1. Ease of Installation

When you think about door installation, you may shudder thinking about the amount of work you’ll have to do and the costs involved, which tend to be hefty. However, when installing a magnetic screen door, you have nothing to worry about.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Start by cleaning your door frame
  2. Lay the mesh door flat so you can align the magnets
  3. Line the screen up with your door frame
  4. Attach it with the hooks or thumbtacks

As you can see, you don’t need any specific tools to help you with the door installation. Furthermore, if you need additional help, the package comes with an instruction manual and installation video to walk you through the steps.

At most, you’ll need to measure the door frame to see how well the screen fits. But other than that, you’ll be good to go once it’s installed.

2. Family and Pet Friendly

The annoying part about traditional screen doors is the effort it takes to open them. Some have knobs, while others have mechanisms where you’ll need to press and hold to open.

There’s also the issue of wear and tear among screen doors. You’ve probably noticed that as the door aged over time, it began losing control. So instead of closing slowly, it snaps back rapidly, which can be dangerous for all who use it.

But you won’t have this issue with screen magnetic doors. As mentioned above, it has magnets, so there’s no door knob. Your kids will be safe from the dangers of using an old rickety door.

Furthermore, your dog will greatly benefit too. They won’t have to claw on the door, begging you to let them out before having an accident.

Instead, they can walk through the mesh screen at their leisure. So your dog can use the bathroom comfortably and keep you from breaking out the cleaning supplies.

3. Keeps Outside from Inside

Another issue with traditional screen doors is how often you find outdoor elements in your home. Remember these doors close slowly, meaning pests, stray leaves, and dirt tend to enter the door without notice. Plus, the screens are weak and break easily, creating more opportunities for unwanted debris indoors.

However, screen magnetic doors are made from more robust materials than other screen doors. Also, the magnets close the door immediately after entering or exiting. That way, your entryway won’t look like a disaster, and the inside of your home will continue to be spotless.

4. Less Noisy

Doors as a whole tend to be noisy whenever you open or close them, and that tends to get worse as they age. Screen doors, in particular, make considerable noise once the door loses their durability, and when they close, you’ll hear a loud bang.

So if you want an entryway without the excess racket, get a screen magnetic door. The magnets make no noise whenever someone uses them, meaning your days will now be filled with peace.

A Screen Magnetic Door Is the Upgrade You Need

As you can see, screen magnetic doors come with plenty of benefits. They’re easy to install, make no noise, and you can potty train your dog easily since hands aren’t necessary to open the door.

Get one today and give your home a meaningful upgrade.

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