Where to Find the Best Man Made Diamonds in Singapore

If you’re looking for a ring that will last a lifetime, you may be wondering where to buy the Best Man Made Diamonds Singapore. Luckily, there are many places that you can look. Some of the top brands in Singapore include Michael Trio, James Allen, Lark & Berry, and Clean Origin. Read on to learn more about these fine brands. The quality of their diamonds is of the highest order, and the prices are very affordable, too.

James Allen

When it comes to online diamond stores, James Allen has an edge over its competitors. While some online stores offer only a line drawing or picture of the stone, James Allen’s video feature allows you to see the diamond in all its glory. In addition to being 360 degrees, you can also zoom in and out to view the stone up close. James Allen’s video allows you to view the diamond at 20x magnification, allowing you to view all its aspects and features.

James Allen stands behind their products with a 30 day return policy. With this policy, customers have sufficient time to make a decision and review their purchase. Additionally, the company offers free shipping worldwide and even pays for return shipping in the US. The customer service is second to none. You can speak with a representative any time day, including weekends, via phone, email, or live chat. James Allen also carries its exclusive line of diamonds, True Hearts, as well as its super ideal True Hearts.

Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry is a British jewellery brand that offers a stunning collection of man-made diamond jewellery. The brand’s range of gemstone jewellery uses both cultured and lab-grown diamonds, set in gold and platinum. In December 2018, the brand launched its Alicia range, the first jewellery brand in the world to use both cultured pearls and diamonds. In October, Lark & Berry introduced a line of engagement rings that features customizable pieces and diamonds grown using renewable energy.

The company began using cultured diamonds in their collections in 2009, when the demand for natural diamonds declined. The lab produces about 200,000 stones per year. These diamonds are near-colorless, and Lark & Berry was the first jewellery brand to use them. Since then, the brand has expanded its offering to include other gems such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphire.

Michael Trio

Among the many fine jewellers in Singapore, Michael Trio offers a unique and customized ring design service. The designers will walk you through the entire process and will even help you with engraving. If you wish, you can even have a secret message or symbol engraved on the inner band of the ring. You can expect to pay around S$1,000 for the service. In addition, you can choose the diamond, setting and ring of your dreams, and even get it custom-made in a month!

Another great advantage of purchasing from Michael Trio is their affordable prices. Prices are about 20 to 40% lower than conventional retail. Wedding bands and engagement rings start at S$2000 apiece. Whether you are on a budget or on a tight budget, Michael Trio will provide you with the perfect piece at the best price. Moreover, the brand promises to deliver the product within a month, while most jewelers require much longer.

Clean Origin

When looking for diamond rings, a website that offers lab-grown stones will be a good choice. Unlike mined diamonds, which have a high cost, lab-grown diamonds are more affordable and ethical. Clean Origin makes buying diamond jewelry easy and affordable by lowering costs and streamlining the process. Customers can also benefit from real-time customer service to answer their questions. For example, the company’s FAQ page is easy to navigate.


Although lab grown diamonds UK have been enthralling humans for millennia, their production and sale are fraught with ecological and ethical issues. Many people have qualms about supporting the diamond trade. A more ethical and affordable alternative is Clean Origin’s lab-grown diamonds. These stones retain the iconic beauty of natural diamonds. Clean Origin’s mission is to deliver a responsible approach to the jewellery industry.

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